初三50道英语陷阱题分析解答 一定要熟知

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  1. ---We‘ll do what we can ____English well this term。

  ---It?s high time for you to work hard。

  A. study

  B. to study

  C. be studied

  D. be studying

  解析:这题可能会误选A,因为大家知道情态动词后接动词原形,但是请大家分析下句子的成分,这里的what we can 实际省略了do,这个what we can do 在句子中作宾语从句。正确答案是B,用动词不定式作目的状语。

  2. ---I don‘t think your team can beat theirs。

  ---____. But we could if Lin Tao were on the team。

  A. No, we can?t

  B. Yes, we can?t

  C. Yes, we can

  D. No, we can

  解析:在think,believe这类词接的宾语从句,否定要提前。而对于否定句的回答,与习惯相反,yes是“不”no 是“是的”B,D结构不正确,首先要排除。而我们看后面的BUT,表示转折,说明回答者的队没有打赢。那么就是we can‘t。 正确答案是A。翻译为“是的,我们没有赢”

  3. ---Have you finished your work yet?

  ---No, not yet。 I think it‘ll take _____ ten minutes。

  A. another

  B. other

  C. others

  D. more

  解析:another +数词+名词 固定用法,another表示“另外的,再” 根据题目意思,可以判断是需要再花10分钟,所以答案是A。

  4. Roy made several kites, but _____ of them can fly high in the sky。

  A. neither

  B. none

  C. all

  D. most

  解析:neither “两者中任何一个都不” all “三者或三者以上都” most“大部分” 根据题目意思,只有none表示三个或三个以上“一个都没有”,故选B。

  5. ---Will you be back ____ five in the afternoon?

  ---I?m not sure, maybe later than that。

  A. in

  B. before

  C. for

  D. until

  解析:in 只能接一段时间,before “在。。。之前” for 接一段时间,until“直到。。。。“答案为B。

  6. ---I‘m sorry to have kept you waiting long。

  ---Never mind。 I ____ here for only a few minutes。

  A. have been

  B. have come

  C. have arrived

  D. waited


  7. ---You seem to like sweets。

  ---_______ 。That‘s probably why I’m becoming fatter and fatter。

  A. So I do

  B.So do I

  C. So am I

  D. So I am

  解析:seem 是连系动词,不能用be动词来回答。So I do 是“的确如此”表示同意对方的观点 so do I “我也一样”答案为A。

  8. With the help of the computer, information can ____every corner of the world swiftly。

  A. get

  B. reach

  C. arrive

  D. return

  解析:get ,arrive,到达,是不及物动词,get to,arrive at,arrive in 是固定搭配。而reach是及物动词,可以直接接宾语,“到达” return是“返回”与题目意思不符合,答案为B。

  9. The children ______ not to play with the fire。

  A. are told

  B. tell

  C. are telling

  D. told


  10. ---May I go out with you tomorrow?

  ---If your job ______by then。

  A. has been finished

  B. finish

  C. will be finished

  D. will finish


  11. ---Will you please show me how to operate the new machine?

  ---Sure。 It’s a piece of cake。 Now let me tell you ____ to do first。

  A. what

  B. how

  C. whether

  D. which

  解析:whether是否,which哪一个,与题意不符合,而如果用how,do 后面应该有宾语。how to do it。答案为A,what to do first 首先做什么。

  12. ---My trousers are______ 。

  ---I‘ll buy you a new pair。

  A. wore out

  B. worn out

  C. wearing out

  D. sold out

  解析:wear out 穿坏,sell out卖完。裤子是被穿坏,而不是主动的,所以是被动语态,答案是B。

  13. ---What do you think of these two books?

  ---_____ of them are interesting。 And I‘ve read them several times。

  A. Both

  B. Neither

  C. None

  D. Either

  解析:根据题意,是两本书,both“两者都”,neither“两者都不” ,none“一个也没有”, either“两者中任何一个”答案是A。

  14. ---The artist has got _____ much work to do that he hardly has time to help his wife with the housework。

  ---That?s true。 Even on Sundays he is busy with his work。

  A. too

  B. so

  C. very

  D. such

  解析:本题是考so 。。。that和such 。。。。that的用法。such是修饰名词,但是如果名词前有many ,much ,little,few等修饰词,则用so 代替such。答案为B。

  15. ---How long ____ you ____a fever?

  ---Ever since last night。

  A. have, got

  B. have, had

  C. have, caught

  D. did, have


  16. ---I think he lives _____ No.386 West St。

  ---Are you sure _____ that? You?d better make sure。

  A. at, /

  B. in, of

  C. in, about

  D. at, of

  解析:live in “居住”后接大地点。live at “居住”后面接具体的地点。be sure of /be sure about 确信,固定用法。表示对什么有把握。答案为D。

  17. ---The rain came to a stop the night before。 The fields are still full of water。

  ---It _____ for nearly a week。

  A. has rained

  B. had rained

  C. would rain

  D. was raining

  解析:came to a stop“停止”the night before“前一个晚上”for+一段时间用于完成时,而came 表明是过去时,所以后面用过去完成时。答案为B。

  18. ---He seems _____ ill。 Shall we take him to the hospital right now?

  ---I don?t think it matters。 Maybe he‘s caught a bit of a cold。

  A. terrible

  B. terribly

  C. even

  D. to be terrible

  解析:seem+形容词 “好像是”ill “病了”用副词修饰。答案为B。 even修饰形容词/副词比较级。

  19. ---Would you like ___ some fruit?

  ---No thanks。 I don‘t feel like _____ anything now。

  A. to have, to eat

  B. having, to eat

  C. having, eating

  D. to have, eating

  解析:would you like to do sth。委婉询问对方的意愿“是否想要做什么。。。。”可以排除B.C 。而feel like +名词/动名词,表示“觉得好像。。。。” 答案为D。

  20. ---This is really a wonderful party with interesting people and great food。

  ---I‘m glad you are _____。

  A. liking it

  B. enjoying yourself

  C. at the party

  D. are loving

  解析:enjoy yourself “玩得高兴” 表示感情的love,like 一般不用于进行时。C与题意不符合。答案是B。

  21. ---You‘ve dropped _____ “s?? in the word “acros??

  ---Oh, ____ letter “s? should be doubled like this “across?

      A. a, a

  B. an, a

  C. a, the

  D. an, the

  解析:本题考查冠词的用法。表示泛指时用不定冠词,a 用在辅音发音字母之前,an用在元音发音字母之前。s的读音为/es/,为元音发音。应用“an”,后面表特指,上面出现的,应用“the”,答案为D。

  22. ---The pen writes well though it doesn‘t cost much。

  --- Let me have a try。 So _____。

  A. it is

  B. it does

  C. does it

  D. is it


  23. ---The smell in the room is really terrible。

  ---You said it。 Let‘s keep all the windows _____ 。

  A. closed

  B. open

  C. opening

  D. to open

  解析:keep+宾语+形容词 “使。。。保持某状态” keep+宾语+动词ing形式,也表示“使。。。保持某状态”但是宾语是后面动词的发出者,如:keep you waiting ,根据题意,房间里味道不好,要把窗户打开,而不是关上。答案是B。

  24. ---____ the Internet _____ in your school?

  ---Yes, but the computer in our office has often broken down。

  A. Is, used

  B. Is, using

  C. Does, use

  D. Has, used


  25. ---Do you often get on-line?

  ---Yes。 I ______ most of my time on it。 It‘s a good way to kill time。

  A. cost